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The Key Of Gratitude

The Key Of Gratitude

There are miracles happening all around us every second but they are so part of our every day lives we take them for granted.

If we are more appreciative of what we have, express more gratitude towards all the beautiful aspects of our lives we can become happier and content.
I was reading a blog post about this very subject, and the author was describing how a sufferer of asthma when having an attack, is gasping for air, and he would do anything for the ability to breathe clearly.

If we put ourselves in their shoes, how they are fighting for that single breathe, how they would trade every possession just to inhale clearly, we can understand how we take every breathe for granted.

From the tiny seed which grows into a huge tree to the enormous fireball floating in the sky which can fit 1.3 million planet earths inside, these miracles are around us every day, but we are so accustomed to them we take them for granted.
Our focus moves away from all this natural beauty which surrounds us, towards a false sense gratification which our minds fool us into believing can only be achieved through material objects or external beauty.
In reality it’s already within us all, but has become masked by external influences which have clouded our vision, misguiding our senses towards temporary sources of happiness when in reality we are blessed.

The key of gratitude opens the door to realise how wonderful our situation is.

When life gets on top of you, when you’re feeling down, when things aren’t going your way, bring focus back to all the positives in your life, the things you take for granted every day, down to the tiniest detail, appreciate every single breathe.

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