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Tide Turns Against Pharma As Vaccine Injuries Too Obvious To Cover Up

Tide Turns Against Pharma As Vaccine Injuries Too Obvious To Cover Up

It looks like the tide has finally turned against the pharmaceutical giants Pfizer. A major red flag was raised when they tried unsuccessfully to block the release of safety data for 75 years. Upon release of this data it became apparent not only did they cover up the efficacy of their product, but also misrepresented data on the number of people studied and the adverse effects suffered by those people.

And now it seems the dam has finally burst with the number of injuries suffered by recipients of Pfizers covid 19 vaccines just too much to contain any longer. The Pharma giants have been using their control of the media to censor posts, remove groups, flatten entire discussions by the hundreds of thousands, in my opinion millions of people who have suffered horrendous outcomes as a result of being, in many instances, coerced into receiving this toxic jab.

But with record numbers of athletes literally dropping dead, numerous high-profile deaths of relatively young healthy people, and the countless stories of harm suffered by innocent people across the globe, the truth cannot be hidden. Latest high-profile victims include Justin Bieber, who was diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, just months after his wife was treated for a blood clot to the brain. Canadian singer Celine Dion has been another victim, having to withdraw from all upcoming shows due to severe and persistent muscle spasms, a well-known side effect of vaccines.

As if that was not enough, the police in Spain are investigating 2200 high profile individuals, one of whom just happens to be the boss of Spain’s largest pharmaceutical company, for buying false covid 19 vaccination certificates because they did not take the vaccine. We have data coming from the insurance companies reporting a massive 40% increase in claims relating to health conditions/life insurance, with some companies refusing to pay out to recipients of the jab citing it as being experimental and insufficiently tested.

With all the deaths piling up they have tried in vain to shift the blame on a new found diagnosis of ‘sudden adult death syndrome,’ but finally the public aren’t buying it. The truth cannot be hidden. It will always surface, and no matter how hard you try to conceal it, truth will find its way out by the laws of nature.

If you know anyone with vaccine injuries, please support them, stick together, show compassion and create unity amongst your community. By supporting one another, just as many roots support a tree, we create strength and overcome fear with love. By overcoming fear, we can grow and prosper. For decades those who declared to protect our health and best interests have been profiting from our illness, now its time to ensure our children do not suffer these outcomes.

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