Almonds, Chia, Shelled Hemp and Goji Berry Multi-Pack

Almonds, Chia, Shelled Hemp and Goji Berry Multi-Pack


Listening to our customers, identifying the products they purchase most and combining those products to save you even more money. That's the thinking behind our saver packs. 

This bundle combines 400g of each of the items below 1.6kg in total - bargain :-)

Almonds: Carmel variety - exceptionally tasty with a fresh crunchy texture. You will not be disappointed with these high quality almonds grown in sunny Australia and harvested this summer 2019. Best before 6/2021.

Chia Seeds: Organically grown in Mexico. Best before 29/4/2022.

Goji Berries: Often referred to as wolfberries, are cultivated in the Himalayan mountains of Tibet and Mongolia. Goji berries have been used in Chinese medicene for years and contain an impressive array of nutrients.

They contain the highest protein content of any fruit alongside being packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Best before 1/1/2021

Hemp Seeds (shelled): Organically grown in China. Best before 10/2020.