Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp Protein Powder


A vegan-friendly complete protein source, containing all 20 amino acids as well as omega 3 fatty acids and a high fibre content. Provides over 14g of protein in a single 30g serving with just 3.8g of fat and 4.6g of carbohydrates.

Our Hemp Protein is produced from the best seeds sourced in the UK, the Netherlands and Romania, using a cold milled process which retains all of their nutrition.

Seeds are pressed at 45°C to separate the hemp oil from the solids to form a paste. Once the paste has dried into cake, it is stone ground to hemp powder. The hemp powder is sifted to reduce fiber content whilst preserving the high proportion of protein. 


Product: Hemp Protein Powder

Specification: From 100% Organically Grown Seeds, 50% Protein, Non GMO, No Irradiation, No Solvents, Heavy Metal Tested.

Origin: UK, Netherlands, Romania

Best Before: 10-4-2024

How To Use

This is a ready to eat powder and can be added to water, fruit juice, milk, smoothie or protein shake. Great protein boost before and after a workout.