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Music For The Soul

Music For The Soul

Science all but confirms that humans are hard wired to respond to music.

Music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other human function.

We all have first hand experience of music elevating our mood.

If you’re feeling down, blasting your favourite tunes and having a good old sing and dance does wonders to lift the spirits.

Spiritual music, or kirtan, has also proven to have a relaxing effect on the mind and has been practised for centuries throughout Eastern cultures to help reconnect with our inner spirit – it’s medicine for the soul.
In our house we've been listening to the music produced by Jahnavi Harrison recently. If you haven’t heard of her before I highly recommend her music, particularly when you need something to relax and meditate on, or if you’re looking for music on a spiritual level.

She has recently collaborated with Willow Smith (daughter of Will Smith) and their sound is a welcome alternative to the often inappropriate music that has such a big influence on our kids.

WILLOW, Jahnavi Harrison - Rise 


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