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Your Health In Your Hands

Your Health In Your Hands

When it comes to looking after yourself, your daily lifestyle should be focussed around living in a way which will prevent illness from occurring. Easier said than done.

Most people, myself included, only begin to make changes once disease catches up with them. It takes pain and suffering to get us into gear and to make the changes to our habits we know are required. Unfortunately, many people revert to their old ways soon after getting better resulting in illness manifesting further down the road with greater severity.

We must read the signs and follow our gut feeling, when you feel you might be overindulging in something that you know is detrimental to your wellbeing, make that change.

Don’t wait for disease to force your hand. The oldest systems of medicine are built around preventing illness through a disciplined lifestyle and if we follow these principles, we are rewarded with good health which is one of the foundations of a happy life 🙏

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