Chocolate Flapjacks with Hemp and Chia

Chocolate Flapjacks with Hemp and Chia

These delicious vegan flapjacks make a fantastic snack, dessert or as we prefer them in our house - breakfast!

Vegan Chocolate Flapjacks

They are super easy to make and highly versatile as you can substitute ingredients to your preference. These flapjacks will satisfy your sweet cravings without spiking your blood sugar, and provide you with an abundance of nutrition to keep your body at it's best.


300g Oats

100g Hulled Hemp Seeds

50g Chia Seeds

100g Butter/Dairy Free Butter

100g Agave Syrup or any liquid sweetener of your choice

50g Coconut Oil

1tsp Vanilla Essence

Pinch of salt

For Chocolate Topping

200g Dark Chocolate

50g Peanut Butter (optional)


1. Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2. Melt the butter and coconut oil in a large pan over a low heat, once melted add the syrup and vanilla essence and stir.

3. Add the oats, hulled hemp seeds, chia seeds and salt and combine well until a thick mixture is formed.

4. Add the mixture to the baking tray and even out (around 2-3cm thickness)

5. Bake in the oven at 180 degrees (160 fan) for 14 mins or until slightly golden in colour.

6. Remove and allow to cool.

7. Melt the chocolate and peanut butter in a heavy bowl placed over simmering water.

8. Pour chocolate over flapjacks and smooth out to ensure an even covering.

9. Place in the fridge and allow to cool before cutting. 

10. Enjoy! Family breakfast/snacks sorted for the week.

Step 2

Flapjack Mix

Baked Flapjack

Melting Chocolate

Finished Flapjacks

Vegan Flapjacks

Vegan Flapjacks

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